The LTCS Group is made up of researchers from the UNED and external collaborators that work developing projects which apply learning and collaborative technologies to the support of human activity in distance learning scenarios. The research is based upon:

Educational Modelling Languages

Knowledge-based Authoring

Collaborative modelling in educational contexts

The group's research lines can be situated within the area of educational technologies, specifically learning, both individual and collaborative. The first relates to different aspects of instructional knowledge representation and its normalisation. The second is centred in the problems associated with collaborative learning and the mechanisms that sustain and define the activities that configure it. The latter goes from the description of the collaborative workspaces or mediational tools that facilitate the communication between distinct agents in the process, to the analysis of the process based upon records of the activities undertaken.

As well as working in different research projects, the group participates in other activities that promote investigation and its diffusion, taking part in summer courses, doctoral courses, and specialised seminars and cogresses at both national and international levels.